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We offer both full service burial and cremation services. We can also coordinate transportation of your loved one either to another funeral home or coordinate their safe return home to our facility in Sandpoint.

At Lakeview Funeral Home we pride ourselves in honoring your special service requests. Tailoring a funeral service to honor your faith, military origin or other special requirements is more than just an option, it’s the only way we do business. We build a service according to your specifications, both in requests and costs. Creating a fitting service is our main concern, staying within your specified budget is our duty.

Families have a variety of service needs associated with funerals. We can help with ALL of them. In addition to our service offerings provided at your time of need, we also offer a series of pre-arrangement services to suit any need.


We offer guaranteed comprehensive preplanning packages. Your service requests will be documented and recorded on file for activation or changes. In addition, we can help you with specific death benefits including social security, veteran benefits and insurance policies. Once your arrangement decisions are made, we can establish a payment schedule that fits your current income and budget.

Transferring an Existing Policy

You have the right to change your mind when it comes to which funeral firm to use in your time of need. If you have an existing pre-arrangement with another funeral firm, we are happy to assist you in transferring that policy. Part of the advantage of preplanning a funeral is the ability to transfer your policy. The plan belongs to you and when you pre-plan you have the option of changing your mind about the funeral home that handles the arrangements. If you would like to transfer your policy to Lakeview Funeral Home, let us give you a free consultation and show you how easy it is.


We serve all cemeteries including Pinecrest Memorial Park as well as the Lakeview Cemetery, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.