• Pre-planning


Lakeview Funeral Home now offers On-Line pre-planning services.  Click here to access our simple form.  This is the first step to setting up your pre-arrangement file with Lakeview Funeral Home.

We plan and prepare for most of the events of our lifetime.  Yet few of us prepare for the final event of our lives, our funeral.  Making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming and the grief is numbing.  Clear and rational decisions are difficult to make.  When a death occurs there are over 50 decisions that will have to be made within approximately 24 hours.  By preplanning your funeral services you will spare your family the added burden, both financial and emotional, of having to make these decisions on your behalf.

Every adult should complete our booklet entitled “Let the Choice Be Mine”, a comprehensive preplanning guide that will give peace of mind to you and your family.  If possible, you should also prepay your funeral expenses, or have a designated life insurance policy for these expenses.  Without preplanning your funeral you place a heavy burden on your survivors both emotionally and financially.

We are available to discuss preplanning with you, either at our office or at your home.  If you would like to discuss funeral preplanning or would like a copy of our free booklet “Let the Choice Be Mine”, contact us at (208)-263-3180 or e-mail Bart Casey.